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ProjectSafety began with the development of a a mesh communication system that would be able to create on demand networks using the public safety and private sector vehicle as the independent power supply.  This public safety on demand network combined the 4.9 GHz public safety, the 5.9 GHz transportation and the 2,4 GHz public spectrum into a single 802.11j WiFi chip offer public safety agencies primary spectrum access in emergencies.  These  network designs expanded both in smart grid and smart city applications which presented even more complex and demanding cybersecurity requirements. .


As research continued it became clear that the security problems found in public safety primary on demand mesh network were no different than any other wireless ecosystems.   In fact as multiple industries became more dependent on wireless services and device cyber attack increased exponentially, including IoT. This lead to a over a decade challenge of finding a security platform that could allow real-time application level security in ever increasing cloud and IoT services and devices.  

ProjectSafety Business and Technology Cluster finds, tests and deploys the best architectures and solutions for cyber security. The demanding criteria of this knowledge base security cluster exceeds all current security requirements while positioning the correct path for future cyber security methodologies and criteria’s in both Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). ProjectSafety independently reviews these security technologies without bias offering evaluations based on need, cost, interoperability, scalability, maintenance and business processes requirements.


Our independent researchers have analyzed a multitude of security solutions to design the best cyber security architecture. We understand current legacy security solutions and participate and in standards and mandated security requirements.  We do not let standards or mandates detour us from achieving new and superior cyber security solutions even if propriety in design. We focus on impenetrable security solutions designs that can be easily and economically deployed and managed. Our goal is to offer 100% security protection without breach capability or protection limitations.


Understanding today's cyber security capabilities and limitations, ProjectSafety researches, designs, tests and deploys superior cyber security solutions in both the public and private sector while continually searching for new capabilities and refining its current solutions. ProjectSafety follows current standards, compliance and mandates as road maps but doesn't allow these criteria to detour from achieving the best in cyber security protection. It is these independent methodologies that have found and will continue to find the best in cyber security protection today and in the future. 



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